How many people are born and how many people are dying is not possible to follow. It is difficult for an average human being to learn to keep up with the developing world in a place where there is such a complex network. When I face this difficulty, millions of people live in some parts of the world that can not meet their basic needs like housing, education and food. Maybe most of them are losing their lives because of the reasons or more. At this point, we are turning our backs on this plagiarism and instead of using the existing technology to solve the problem, we spend ourselves killing each other and feeling safe.

Neither a religious phenomenon nor a political opinion has solved the problems in the world.
Instead of strengthening our future with the differences we create, we bring the end.
The internet is a very nice tool to understand these differences. You can try to understand different peoples ideas, ways of living, their perceptions, and you can communicate and share your own ideas.

In addition, inernet can be a useful tool for you to have information, opinions, in short, to share everything and to help others. It helped to recognize this fact when I was dealing with basic science in my college years. In a place I have never known, I learned a lot more with a few articles, and I had a different perspective on life. I wanted to learn more as I learned. I wanted to learn forever. If I knew it was impossible I could not leave. Trying to understand different ideas, pursuing technology, was drawing more attention than anything else in the world. But this situation has distracted me from normal people and caused problems in my human relationships. But of course I did not change my mind 🙂

Learning, discovering and sharing as an engineer is an indispensable habit of my life. Whilst sharing it for granted, I know that this information makes life easier for someone I will never meet anywhere else in the world. To help someone you have never seen ... Maybe this person can even hate you. I am sure you will think twice even if you want to help someone you hate. But you do not need to think who you are who can help you through the internet. Even when you are asleep, information you share can make life easier for someone in a difficult situation.

I also established this site in order to share everything I wonder about in terms of engineering, on the internet. And I believe that if I am not alone with this move, I can solve the problems in the world. And I am sure it is not like sharing the necessary knowledge to control an LED with an arduino.
When I spend most of my life to make money, I have no idea how to do it.

I will feel very happy if you have taken advantage of the site and made your life easier. On your own as you wish. If you have any problems, you can reach me via the contact section in the menu. My linkedin page can be available.


Netherlands / Eindhoven