Maximum Difference in Array – C++

By ulasdikme / April 7, 2023

Lets assume we have a sorted array like : What is the maximum difference for two elements in this array such that larger member should appear after smaller one ? If it is sorted, we can simply say that maximum difference is between last element and first element. Simply 9-1 […]

What is Singleton Pattern in C++ ?

By ulasdikme / September 18, 2022

If you need an object which should present as one instance, then a singleton pattern can be the answer for you. But If you quickly search the internet, you can see some people say that the singleton pattern is an antipattern. I am not sure it is correct 100 percent, […]

Understand loss function with Gradient Descent method using simple Python script

By ulasdikme / June 29, 2022

It is all about to distance to the local min/max point. Gradient descent is used mainly in AI applicaitons. I will not bother you to explain the details of it. But I will give you an answer for the question that I asked myself before. The question is that how […]

Qt 5 development for Raspberry pi

By ulasdikme / June 28, 2018

If You want to build Qt5 development environmet for raspberry pi then you are in the right place. In this short tutorial you can build your Qt5 for raspberry pi. I used ubuntu-18.04-desktop-amd64 and rasp image is 2018-06-27-raspbian-stretch. For old images something can be different. If you have any trouble, […]

ESP8266 AJAX – WebSocket Dynamic Communication

By ulasdikme / June 3, 2018

Esp8266 is a chip that supports the tcp / ip protocol. With this chip for a few dollars you can log into the IOT world and create wonders. There are 2 ways to track or manipulate any data dynamically with the ESP8266. One is AJAX and the other is Websocket […]

Arduino Modbus Example

By ulasdikme / August 21, 2016

Hey ! You can find something usefull about modbus and arduino. There is an example code that shows how you can try modbus algorithm with arduino. I used arduino mega in this example which means that the code only work with arduino mega. If you compile it for other types […]

Beaglebone Black communicate with Arduino via SPI

By ulasdikme / April 30, 2016

Beaglebone is getting very popular day by day. With this cheap single board computer you can create suchamazing things. Probably this things need communicate other things to progress something. In the videoI just simply show the required diagrams and connections. You will learn how to communicate BBB and Arduino via […]

8051 Led Blinking

By ulasdikme / February 15, 2016

Hi everyone. Here you can find a little informations about interrupts and timers. During the tutorial 8051 ( silabs ) are help us to learn what the heck is interrupts ! End of the tutorial it is possible to blink led using timers and also to generate a delay function. […]

Java Pixel Processing

By ulasdikme / January 18, 2015

The code in the video is the small part of a some project. I do not want to explain the whole project which is about image processing. I just try to show the some part of algorithm which can give you an idea about image processing.The algorithm is created to […]

Arduino Voltmeter

By ulasdikme / July 27, 2014

To measure the voltage, you need an ADC. Which is called Analog to Digital converter. In arduino, for instance uno has 10 bit ADC, that means you can measure whatever you want as a 10 bit resolution that also means your scale is between 0 to pow(2,10). If you have […]